How Therapy Can Help

At certain times in our lives most of us find we become stuck or unhappy. These feelings can arise from:


  • Repeating the same mistakes or patterns

  • Sometimes a bereavement can result in overwhelming feelings of grief or loss

  • We can begin to experience symptoms of anxiety or depression

  • We can feel trapped at work or in our personal relationships

  • We can struggle with issues around self-esteem or low confidence

  • Coming to terms with and accepting our true identities in terms of gender and sexuality can be extremely challenging

  • Trauma from our past which we have not processed can re-emerge

  • Sometimes things just don’t feel right and we are not sure why

Any of these issues can bring a person to therapy and when working with a therapist, a client is able to gain a better understanding of themselves and find a new way to work through problems and challenges.

We cannot change anything unless we accept it

-- Jung